Experts in foreign trade

Expertise in customs and excise regulations for foreign trade continues to be of utmost importance not only for the smooth and efficient operation of import/export activities but also for international investment.

Customs brokers are professionals with the necessary experience to develop the right plan for all your international trade,resolving any customs,excise or legal problems that you might encounter.

The work of a customs broker

  • professional-facilitating customs clearance for companies involved in the import/export of goods;
  • consultant-for foreign trade planning,working to avoid possible fines or sanctions for the violation of customs rules and regulations
  • expert ┬áin international trade logistics,working to minimise all costs connected to the production and transportation of goods to and from foreign ports;

A professional figure

  • at the heart of foreign trade activities,improving efficiency and updating operations in collaboration with customs agencies;
  • liasing with customs agencies and related bodies;
  • presenting a figure of high expertise to governemets, agencies and individuals within the sector

Customs broker activities and consultancy

1 customs clearance

2 international customs and excise requirements

3 intrastat requirements

4 eu customs and excise requirements

5 vat requirements

6 requirements of all goods subject to exicise duties

7 consultancy for foreign trade

8 consultancy for international transportation

9 assistance in and operation of processing trade

10 commercial consultancy

11 foreign trade documentation

12 technical assistance

13licenses and authorization

14 insurance advice