Customs service in Catania

Foreign trade laws are very complex and each nation has its own regulations which are only partially harmonized by EU and International agreement. Handling customs documents is a  complex and delicate process that needs to be entrusted to experts in the field. Our customs service company can facilitate every custom formality avoiding any problems.

Angelo Perez snc offers a complete service for customs procedures for importing and exporting from Catania together with assistance and consultancy on EU trade of various goods from within and without EU.  We are customs brokers in the port of Catania with a long experience in customs procedures management.


  1. Import, export and transit customs procedures
  2. Completion of formalities and requirements in Customs, Port Authority Office, Italian Finance Police, Border Police and Maritime Authorities.
  3. Customer relationships, mandates and preparation of procedures
  4. Document completion, authorizations, rights
  5. Document, product and trading advice
  6. Customs dispute management