Angelo Perez – Fiscal Consultancy

In our offices we have qualified staff in fiscal, currency and international transport laws.  Constantly up-to-date on the development of laws and regulations,  we provide consultancy on the latest administrative required for freight transport within EU member states and in non-EU countries. We offer fiscal, taxation, foreign trade and VAT consultancy to our clients and also advice on every aspect of freight transport.

 Intrastat List
  1. Compilation and transmission of Intrastat list
  2. Consultancy on documents and insertion of provision of services
  3. Consultancy on invoices management
  4. Assistance in completing applications
  5. Assistance with fines issued by Custom Office
VAT and VAT refund consultancy
  1. Assistance with international invoicing
  2. Litigation and fiscal dispute/claim management
  3. Provision of documents and VAT refund requests in EU and non-EU countries
  4. Supervision and monitoring of presented procedures
  5. Management of complaints on partially or entirely rejected procedures